At HINKAMPER LLC, we offer client-centric services customized to meet your needs:

Accounting and Tax

When you started your business, you chose something that was your passion, something that drove you. That something likely wasn't debits and credits, or determining which form needed to be completed for this quarterly filing. That's where we come in.

We can be of assistance whether you need:
  • Short term leadership of your accounting and finance function
  • An evaluation of your existing procedures
  • Someone to handle all of the accounting and bookkeeping
Talk to us about your "pain points" and we can work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs. Example solutions include:

– Bookkeeping Outsourcing
– Accounting Assistance
– Outsourced or Interim CFO/Controller
– CFO/Controller Advisory Services
– Accounting Process Evaluation
– Tax Preparation
– Distressed Company Assistance

Internal Audit

If you have an internal audit function or desire to establish a new function, you already know the importance of that function in providing independent oversight on your business or meeting regulatory needs.

If you have a temporary leadership vacancy, we will help by filling the CAE/Director/Professional Practices role until a long-term solution is developed. Some organizations find themselves wanting to update or replace current methodologies, policies, procedures, talent development programs, or professional practices functions. We have the experience to evaluate your current state, and provide practical recommendations for improvement. Developing an audit plan based upon a comprehensive risk assessment is often an area where a company desires an alternate approach or additional assistance. When that need arises, we can work with you to define the process for identifying key risks, and for matching those risks to the audit plan. Example solutions include:

– Interim Director / Chief Audit Executive
– Methodology Implementation
– Policy Improvement
– Audit Plan Development
– Risk Assessment
– Professional Practices Advisory
– Audit Committee Consultation
– Department Talent Management

Risk and Controls

Companies large and small are concerned about what can go wrong in their business. Whether needed for strategy development, process improvement, audit, or risk management; understanding the key risks, controls, processes, and policies is crucial for companies to grow their business. Identifying, designing, improving the monitoring each of these areas may not be the most fun for leadership, but is critical for long-term success. We can help you in memorializing the decisions you've made, identifying the risks and controls, and establishing a program for you to mitigate and monitor risk while maintaining your procedures and controls. Example solutions include:

– Risk Assessment
– Process Design Assessment
– Controls Evaluation and Design
– Key Risk Evaluation
– Risk Management Program Evaluation







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